DOLLIES is active in OpenSim since 2014. 

Due to Hypergrid and Gloebit currency it is possible to sell my products to all hypergrid enabled  grids. 

To serve the people who do not have a Gloebit account I also have all my products at Kitely Market.  At Kitely market people can pay with Paypal. The purchased item will be delivered to the avatar you bought the item for.  Over 300 grids are connected with Kitely Market. 

Gloebit is a crypto currency that can be used by everyone. People can visit my 'DOLLIES' region at 'Orchid Heights' and buy items to take back to their home grid. More info you will find here.

Often I was asked to also sell my products in Secondlife. After a long thought I decided to also open up a store at Secondlife Marketplace. This is a lot of work and I am still working on this. Slowly more and more products can be found at my store at SL Marketplace.

About my Clothes


I use DAE files made by other creators, I buy on 3D websites or in SecondLife. Those DAE Files come with a licence that allows me to sell fashion in OpenSim.  The textures are made by myself. If you see the same item or model offered free elsewhere, be sure: 'It is a copybot'.  The TOS of the original creators, I buy my models from, does not allow me to offer the items Free or Full perm.  

By buying and using those  models (DAE files) I agreed to respect their TOS. Lets hope you do too:)