Answers on some questions

What sizes do fit my avatar?

As you see I sell my fashion in many different sizes. Maitreya is a shape that fits the in OpenSim available Ruth and Sapphira mesh avatars. Classic avatars slowly are disappearing and therefor I only have a few items in sizes XS-XL with Alpha's. Mesh body dont require alpha's since they come with huds to make parts of this body invisible. I also offer other sizes, because some avatars in OpenSim have other mesh avatars than the once I mentioned above.

I bought the wrong item, what do I do?

Contact me in world or leave me a message here ('contact us' at the home page). We will find a satisfying way to solve this issue.

I bought the same item twice, do I get a refund?

After you showed me the proof (screenshot of your transaction). I will of course refund you. However refunding items from Kitely market only can be done in Kitely's local currency, KC's. If you dont want this, I can send you another item in stead.

I have an Athena mesh body, do I fit your clothes?

Yes, Athena is wearing Maitreya sized fashion. I dont support Athena, since this is a copybotted and illegal body, but many people are using them without knowing they are not legal. 

Ruth and Sapphira are other mesh bodies in OpenSim that are Maitreya shaped, however keep in mind that their feet are not fitting Maitreya or Slink sized  shoes and boots, you will need seperate Slink Sized Mesh feet. Hopefully the creators of those bodies will adjust the sizes of their feet one day soon, so people can use the shoes. 

How do I get to your shop?

When you are from another world you can use hypergrid to visit my region and shops.

Copy and paste this URL: HG into your viewer map and wait till the region is found. Than click teleport. Once you arrive it will take a bit time to load all prims around you. DOLLIES HG is a huge region with a lot of items. 

Do you also have shops in other worlds?

I only have a shop at Orchid Heights on my own region, DOLLIES HG  and at Kitely market. Also i sell in Secondlife using SL Marketplace.

Can I follow you on social media?

I have groups at MeWe, Facebook, OpenSimworlds and GridLIst. Just click on Social media on top of this page and click the button. 

Do you want to set up a new shop at another grid?

No, so you don't have to ask me. Because many grids come and go, I don't see the point of putting energy into setting up and updating the shops. Also I do not want to use currency other than Gloebit , L$ or Paypal. Besides with Gloebit and hypergrid it is no longer needed to have and maintain shops elsewhere.  

Can I pay with Podex money or other virtual currencies?

No, Gloebit is the cheapest currency in OpenSim. Their fees are the lowest and I will not loose money the moment a grid shuts down, unlike other currencies it is not depending on the mood of the owner  of the grid or the currency supplier if or when I get the inworld money back. Besides I only need one account, I can use for several avatars in different worlds.